Flower Care And Quality

At Wildflower Child, we take great care in preparing our fresh and dried flower arrangements. Flowers, however, are a delicate and perishable product, and are not always predictable in their nature and availability, especially with changing and seasonal weather conditions. As a result of this, your arrangement may vary from what is pictured on our website wildflowerchild.com.au. We will make an effort to make your arrangement look as close as possible in its design as you see it.

You can expect your flowers to last between 5 and 14 days, depending on the variety. Softer flowers such as dahlias will have less longevity compared to something hardier or native such as banksias and paper daisies. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your arrangement, and choosing something that will last longer.

Please follow the below instructions to ensure the longest possible life for your flowers:

  • Stems should be cut on an angle (in or under running water if possible) as soon as you receive the flowers
  • Ensure the vase that is used is clean and filled with fresh water
  • Always keep an eye on the water levels and change the water completely every two days
  • Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight
  • Keep the flowers away from drafts and air-conditioning

If you feel the flowers have not lasted for a reasonable amount of time, or your flowers have arrived in a less than acceptable condition, let us know within this time by calling 0408 639 739. Once we are confident that they have been cared for as recommended, or that they are below standard, we will happily replace the flowers.

Please note that we may require a photo of the flowers in order to replace them for you.


Orders cancelled outside of 48 hours of the requested delivery time will incur a 50% administration charge. We do not offer refunds on orders cancelled within 48 hours of the delivery date. Refunds can only be made back the credit card that was used for the original purchase.

Shipping Policy

We will delivery your order as per the calendar selection you have made during Checkout. Deliveries are made during business hours, between 9am and 5pm, however, if we have a very full schedule, we may deliver outside of those ours. If you have a specific request, please feel free to contact us and let us know what time you need your order delivered, otherwise, we do not have allocated delivery time slots during the day.

We offer same-day delivery if the order is placed before 12 pm on the day, between Wednesdays and Sundays. Our closing days are Monday and Tuesday. If you wish to arrange a delivery on these days, please call us well in advance – at least 2 days, and we will try and accommodate your request. 


Upon delivery of your order, our staff policy is to first knock, then call the recipient, call the sender, and if this fails, check if there is a safe place to leave the flowers. A safe place may be defined as:

  • Away from rain, direct sun or wind
  • Away from pets who may damage the flowers
  • Out of sight of street or residential passers buy, and safe from theft

If this is not an option, we will not leave your order, and we will contact you for instructions to attempt a re-delivery. If re-delivery has to occur, we will require a fee of the same amount for delivery, according to the relevant area. We must process this fee before re-delivery occurs to ensure we cover additional costs.