Unique Flowers For Unique People

Who Are We?

We are a florist specialising in unique and contemporary flower arrangements, leaving behind the old and dried up concepts of floristry, and focussing on form, texture, colour theory, and flow.

We make both fresh and dried flower arrangements, as well as large scale installations. We also design floral arrangements for weddings, events, offices and shop displays.

Our Philosophy

Our designs are imbued with the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, where imperfection is beautiful, and naturally, with the medium being ephemeral, all stages of the plant’s and flower’s  life cycles are used. Shape, form and texture is emphasised, and designs are inspired by traditional and modern Ikebana styling, as well as other modern artistic influences.

We are a small business, and we like to keep things local. Where we can, we will make it ourselves, such as our baby concrete succulent pots. Foraging and finding is a large part of our week, finding amazing sculptural pieces from nature, such as driftwood, weeds, grasses and bark. We try to minimise using and selling imported products, and support local businesses.

More About Xenia

Xenia Aurora Jade comes from a very diverse professional background, and while floristry has been a new development, the concepts have been with her for a long time. Xenia studied Design at the College Of Fine Arts, UNSW, where she continued to develop an understanding of design principals, which would later become the cornerstone of her creative career. Following this, Xenia went into hospitality, in which she worked as a chef for nearly 10 years. Xenia eventually opened a restaurant, at which she was a creative director, both in the kitchen and out. The combination of design and the fast paced hospitality industry amalgamated into a unique skillset, where Xenia is now proud to say that she can produce quality designs under tremendous pressure. 

Floristry was a logical step for Xenia at this point in her career, as she loved working with perishable products, and creating ephemeral art forms for people to enjoy in the moment. Floristry offers a wonderful canvas for Xenia to express her ideas. She loves the connection it gives her with nature and our beautiful world. It gives Xenia great pleasure to borrow from nature, and to make something amazing that you can enjoy.